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We have a challange for you.

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We are Craft. A digital creative agency with a knack for crafting immersive experiences, an eye for little details, and an interest for making technology and information simply usable.


we're hiring

We're looking for like-minded designers to join our team in Bombay.


The Challenge

Pick one

The ATM Experience

How would you imrove your bank’s ATM experience? What frustrates you when you try to operate the machine, what sort of problems could other people be facing? Are there any missed opportunities? Think about different kinds of users.

Design a couple of screens to illustrate your solution.

Rethink IRCTC

The IRCTC website is a goldmine for someone who wants to solve usability problems.

Show us how you would design a better website for the Indian Railway online ticketing service by designing a couple of key screens. Justify your suggestions and make sure you anchor your design decisions to clear objectives from the users’ point of view.

Send in your solutions to

Feel free to write to us if you have any questions. Applications will be reviewed and shortlisted for an interview.

What we're looking for

Analytical Skills

How well can you rip apart an interface to examine what works and what doesn't?

Design driven by interactions

How is your design going to facilitate the users to do more, or do the activity better?

Good looks

The interface has gotta look and feel good. Design to delight people.